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The Life of John

30 HOUR FAMINE....Please read and consider helping the cause

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30 HOUR FAMINE....Please read and consider helping the cause

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Greetings everyone,

I hope that your summer is going well. I am writing this note for you all to hopefully help me out. The youth group that I help out with is doing the 30 hour famine on June 1-2. We are all raising money for 3rd world countries that cannot afford food.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to help sponsor me as I help coordinate and participate in this wonderful cause. If you want to help, either send me an email and I will respond telling you how to get the check to me(and who to address it too), or reply to this note. I can relpy on my breaks from work or in the evening(if I am awake enough to repond).

As you think about this, I should also include that whatever amount you donate, it is also tax deductible. So, please pray about helping out and support a friend in this cause.

God Bless, John M. Fitzsimons

if you have questions or want to sponser me, then leave a comment (will be screened), and tell mehow much you want to donate. Also tell me if you want the "donation reciept"...tax deductabile.
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