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Seminary Bound?!?!?!?!

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Seminary Bound?!?!?!?!

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I just got the phonecall from the Seminary that all my forms have been returned, and my name WILL be taken to the Committee tomorrow(or at least I hope its tomorrow). If they meet, I will recieve a phone call FIRST to tell me how they decided, and then a letter will be sent to prove that decision....LOL

So the next 48 hours I will be sitting on eggshells, this is almost too much to handle and bear!

Please keep me in your prayers, as this decision is now out of my hands, and I have to play the waiting game.

HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL! Enjoy the Easter Season, and may the weather, wherever you are, be better then it is here in Maine.

EDIT: Well, as I sit here on Easter Sunday, I haven't heard from the Seminary, because Friday was Good Friday(DUH). What I DO know is that the Committee DID meet Thursday. So tomorrow, Monday, I will MOST DEFINETLY find out what the decision is.
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