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The Life of John

Interview and work update

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Interview and work update

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Well, I was going to update this a LONG time ago, however work and my other "life" has made me BUSY.

A couple weeks ago, I went to Springfield, MA(March 18-19) for my District Interview. As I left Portland, ME, there was a guy that was arrested for being drunk. I boarded the bus, and sat behind a lady who was reading the Book of Mark. I pulled out my book, one of the Left Behind Series. She turns around, and goes, "That book is AWESOME". Well, I wasn't near the end of it, so I told her not to tell me what happens. Se then invited me to come sit with her, and we talked about about Easter and The Bible.

I got to Boston and just sat and relaxed. As I boarded the bus, I saw that the same lady I was talking to earlier was going to Springfield. Again, we sat and talk about The Bible and where we were from. I arrived at Springfield, and walked to the Hotel. After I got there, I noticed there was a basketball tourney there, and there were teams there. My thinking was, GREAT, I will be near basketball teams and I wont be able to sleep. It was just the opposite. All the rooms surrounding me were with cheerleaders. So of course I heard lots of cheering and more gossip then I ever wanted to know.

My interview was just awesome. They said I "knocked their socks off". My fave part of the interview was a roleplaying stint. I had "to talk to someone who had a 50-50 shot of living". He wanted a pastor to come to talk to him. In the end....they thought that I "hit the nail on the head". They said that I was the fastest, they had seen, to get to the point of the talk that fast.

I got home safely....after a LONG 23 hours. Just a mere weeks before I hear if I am accepted.

Work is driving me NUTS. Last week in general was just plain INSANE. Don't get me wrong, I love the place to death. The hours are just so "flimsy" and unstable, I can't stand it. Summer numbers right now look like I will have roughly 23-26 kids in my room. Looks like I will ave 2 other teachers with me. So, IF I stay there, it should be an interesting summer.

Well, I am sick today, so I am signing off. I have a temp of 102. Luckily, work will be easy going this week......well at least I hope it is.
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