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May 11th, 2008

Mom Movie!

So, I went to church, and the pastor showed us this video! http://youtube.com/watch?v=RxT5NwQUtVM&feature=related Enjoy, and please...if you see your mom today, have her watch this!

Happy Mother's Day!

February 24th, 2008

Friends ONLY


I am doing this, because I had people on my friends account that haven't commented in ages, so I decided to start clean. If you want me to add you, then comment. I will add you asap!

December 12th, 2007



I am getting a new phone.....lol...about time

that is all

November 23rd, 2007



Church wants to send letters to Britney Spears

LEXINGTON (AP) -- The congregation of Southland Christian Church is being asked to send letters of love and support to troubled pop star Britney Spears, described by the pastor as having made "devastating life choices."

"Take a few minutes and write a note to Britney Spears," pastor John Weece said in a sermon and in a blog on the church Web site. "No preaching. No criticizing. Just love. As a church, let's love Britney the way Jesus loves her."

"If she were your next-door neighbor in the same situation without the money and success, wouldn't you care about her problems? Wouldn't you pray for her and offer her support and encouragement?" he asked members of the church.

Cindy Willison, the church's director of communications, was still collecting the letters on Friday.

* I thought thsi was intereting! I hope they influence her a little bit!!!*

October 19th, 2007

Dear God


Here are some "letters to God". Hope you enjoy these on your Friday.

1) Dear God, 
       We read that Thomas Edison made the light, but in Sunday School, we were taught that you did it. So I bet se stoled your idea.   Sincerly, Donna

2) Dear God, 
        If you watch in church on Sunday, I will show you my new shoes. "Mickey D"

3) Dear God, 
       I bet it is hard for you to love all of everybody in the world. ZThere are only 4 people in my family, and I can can never do it.  Love, Nan

October 17th, 2007

(no subject)

Since being home, I have found myself becoming a Basketball Coach. Now to some of you, you may be saying, "Who Cares John". However, I have to say that this has been the MOST rewarding thing I have done to help out my OLD Grade School (Holy Cross).  

I coach the B team, and we have 10 players on the team. 5-7th graders to be exact. Now, some of you may think that with this young group, how will we win games...the fact is, that the team is an awesome group of kids. We currently stand at 5-2, and thats NOT counting a 4th place finish in a tourney a couple weeks back. Technically, we are 6-4 (with the tourney). We have 2 games left.... Friday @ St. Paul Saginaw, and NEXT Friday vs St. Peter Hemlock. This is where the VOICE of the BLUEJAYS Junior will be born. 

Results of our season thus far:

Date Day Time SiteTeam we facedB-Team
HomeFaith Bay CityW 26-11
St. LorenzL 8-22
HomeImmanuel Bay CityW 15-12


 HomeSt. Paul SaginawW 23-4


St. Peter HemlockW 25-7
 ------- ---- ---- ----@ St. Michael Richville ------
 10/6/07 Sat. 10:45 AwaySt. Paul MillingtonW 26-9
 10/6/07 Sat. 3:30 AwayChrist the King, SebawingL 14-26
 10/7/07 Sun. 2:45 AwayImmanuel, FrankentrostL 10-19
 ------- ---- ----- -----Won 4th place ------
10/10/07 Wed.
Immanuel Bay CityL 8-15
Faith Bay CityW 16-6
10/17/07Wed. 4:40HomeSt. LorenzW 14-8..:)

In other news, I am also on a bowling league that meets every other Friday. Although I know I am NOT that good, its the fun that matters. I think, *now don't laugh* my average was raised to a high of 110. I will find out for sure this Friday, and will edit this post for you.  My team's record after 3 weeks of plays is 11-10. All I know is that my team has a  better record then my parents...haha. Now I know you re maybe asking, John how can your record after 3 weeks be 11-10?

Answer is this. Every game is with 2 "points",and we play 3 games. That is 6 points possible. The winning team who takes 2-3 games get an overall win "point". Total for one night of bowling is 7 points. My team is up against some heavy bowlers this Friday though, so we can be in deep horse crap.

July 29th, 2007

30 hour famine

Well, this past weekend I participated in the 30 hour famine. The following is my novel, or well my recollection about what happened.

We were all to stop eating at 2pm. This was a hard time to start for me, because I work with kids, and we have an afternoon snack @ 3. However, seeing as it was ONLY 1 hour into the Famine, I was fine! I ran back home to get my camera (didnt take many pictures...:(..) and my opening devotion (seeing as I forgot both things at home). At 6, we all met at the church, anc we just chilled until 6:30. We then found out we were going to be seperated into 3 Tribes....Karmel, Mudi, and Ladi. We all had new "names"...AKA children who are helped through World Vision. Anyway, each child had a "disability" for the Famine participants (Blind, had HIV/Aids, mute, had to carry a bookbag full of books...etc). We had "Tribal Games", where we HAD to wear/use our disability.

We had our Juice Dinner, and then I led the first devo, then played the first Tribal Game entitled, "Profile of a Child Soldier". We had to listen to a story and then run to answer a question via writing down the answer and runing back to the tribe. Ladi won that game and Mudi came in second (both got "food and water cards").

We then played a NON tribal game, but we still in our tribes, called "Corn Holes".   We played double elimination style. The Youth Pastor and I won our first 2 games, and then lost a close game 14-10(playing to 11). We then basically had to win out for our tribe to win the "Survivor Card". We won the rest of them...we HAD to play the team that beat us the first time, and we won 11-1, then the tie breaker was CLOSE, until I hit 2 "3 pointers" in a row and won the tourney. 

We then had our 2nd devotion about "Temptation". Around 12am, we were told that we were sleeping outside in cardboard boxes. We all rushed around and made our "homes", and then went to sleep under the stars. 

Around 5am, we were told we could come inside, because it was chilly. We were SUPPOSE to wake up at 7:30, BUT we all slept in until 9:45...WHOOPS. We quickly had a Juice Breakfast and then went into the bad part of Portland, and did Trash pickup for about 2 hours. When we got back to the church, the pastor allowed us to have a little...no a lot of down time, because we worked REALLLY REALLY hard. 

We then watched "Pay it Forward" as our movie, and then we were going to have a can food drive, but it was raining BAD. We then played a pass a long story game, and then we played "Hide Out". This game contained 3 "seekers"....one from each tribe. These seekers had to find the other tribe members from the other 2 tribes. Madi continued their dominance by winning both games....haha. 

We then got ready to go to the Wayside Soup Kitchen. This was the LAST "punishment" for the participents. We served food to the homeless for 1 hour. I belive there was about 100 + people there. The meal consisted of ham, yams, salad, and dessert. By the end of the night, it was meatloaf, pasta (wth lobster), corn, and fruit cocktail.

On the way back to the church, the kids were buzzing about the food...PIZZA. However, what they didnt know is what was in store for them. When we got back, we had communion. Then we went upstairs to the gym to have THE MEAL....UNIMIX. As we were eating, I shared that we raised $1187...3 kids for an entire year fed, and one kid for a little more then 3 months...however, I was told that 2 people didnt have their packets, so we put the total to $1300.... 3 kids for an entire yr and a 4th child for more then 7 months......

i MADE AN OPEN CHALLENGE TO THE YOUTH PASTOR. HE SAID THAT WE COULD RAISE $1000. I SAID THAT IF WE RAISED MORE THEN $1000, THEN SOMEONE COULD THROW A PIE IN MY FACE. This will be down NEXT Sunday, Aug. 6th.  The question is how many pies will be thrown in my face......I think 10-11....YIKES...this will be messy...haha

July 23rd, 2007

Greetings everyone,

I hope that your summer is going well. I am writing this note for you all to hopefully help me out. The youth group that I help out with is doing the 30 hour famine on June 1-2. We are all raising money for 3rd world countries that cannot afford food.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to help sponsor me as I help coordinate and participate in this wonderful cause. If you want to help, either send me an email and I will respond telling you how to get the check to me(and who to address it too), or reply to this note. I can relpy on my breaks from work or in the evening(if I am awake enough to repond).

As you think about this, I should also include that whatever amount you donate, it is also tax deductible. So, please pray about helping out and support a friend in this cause.

God Bless, John M. Fitzsimons

if you have questions or want to sponser me, then leave a comment (will be screened), and tell mehow much you want to donate. Also tell me if you want the "donation reciept"...tax deductabile.

April 4th, 2007

Seminary Bound?!?!?!?!

I just got the phonecall from the Seminary that all my forms have been returned, and my name WILL be taken to the Committee tomorrow(or at least I hope its tomorrow). If they meet, I will recieve a phone call FIRST to tell me how they decided, and then a letter will be sent to prove that decision....LOL

So the next 48 hours I will be sitting on eggshells, this is almost too much to handle and bear!

Please keep me in your prayers, as this decision is now out of my hands, and I have to play the waiting game.

HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL! Enjoy the Easter Season, and may the weather, wherever you are, be better then it is here in Maine.

EDIT: Well, as I sit here on Easter Sunday, I haven't heard from the Seminary, because Friday was Good Friday(DUH). What I DO know is that the Committee DID meet Thursday. So tomorrow, Monday, I will MOST DEFINETLY find out what the decision is.

April 1st, 2007

Interview and work update

Well, I was going to update this a LONG time ago, however work and my other "life" has made me BUSY.

A couple weeks ago, I went to Springfield, MA(March 18-19) for my District Interview. As I left Portland, ME, there was a guy that was arrested for being drunk. I boarded the bus, and sat behind a lady who was reading the Book of Mark. I pulled out my book, one of the Left Behind Series. She turns around, and goes, "That book is AWESOME". Well, I wasn't near the end of it, so I told her not to tell me what happens. Se then invited me to come sit with her, and we talked about about Easter and The Bible.

I got to Boston and just sat and relaxed. As I boarded the bus, I saw that the same lady I was talking to earlier was going to Springfield. Again, we sat and talk about The Bible and where we were from. I arrived at Springfield, and walked to the Hotel. After I got there, I noticed there was a basketball tourney there, and there were teams there. My thinking was, GREAT, I will be near basketball teams and I wont be able to sleep. It was just the opposite. All the rooms surrounding me were with cheerleaders. So of course I heard lots of cheering and more gossip then I ever wanted to know.

My interview was just awesome. They said I "knocked their socks off". My fave part of the interview was a roleplaying stint. I had "to talk to someone who had a 50-50 shot of living". He wanted a pastor to come to talk to him. In the end....they thought that I "hit the nail on the head". They said that I was the fastest, they had seen, to get to the point of the talk that fast.

I got home safely....after a LONG 23 hours. Just a mere weeks before I hear if I am accepted.

Work is driving me NUTS. Last week in general was just plain INSANE. Don't get me wrong, I love the place to death. The hours are just so "flimsy" and unstable, I can't stand it. Summer numbers right now look like I will have roughly 23-26 kids in my room. Looks like I will ave 2 other teachers with me. So, IF I stay there, it should be an interesting summer.

Well, I am sick today, so I am signing off. I have a temp of 102. Luckily, work will be easy going this week......well at least I hope it is.
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